Who is the insurer?

JSC “International Insurance Company Kamara”

Who is insured?

The person who signs the contract with insurance company.

Who is beneficiary?

citizen who is eligible to receive insurance reimbursement under the terms and conditions of the current policy.

What is insurance premium?

sum indicated in the insurance policy, which presents the price for insurance services provided by insurer and is paid by the Insured.

What is deductible?

the amount specified in the insurance contract by which the total indemnity for each and every loss or damage resulting from a single occurrence shall be reduced.

How is the insurance cost calculated?

It depends on the specification of the insurance subject. You should contact to the sales manager to calculate exact insurance premium.

How much does travel insurance cost?

Travel abroad insurance costs Gel 1 per one day, travel in Georgia – Gel 2 per one day.

What is required to buy travel insurance?

You need Passport, the information about the period and countries you visit. It takes just 15 minutes, you should come at our office.

What is the motorcycle insurance maximum period?

It is one year.

what is the minimum value and age of a motorcycle be to be insured?

Motorcycle which is manufactured since 2000 and its cost is above USD 2000 is the subject to insure.

What is required of auto insurance to activate?

In order for the auto insurance activation, it is necessary to external browsing (take photos) of automobile. The policy must be signed and the first deposit paid. Insurance is not valid unless the premium is paid on time.

How can we pay the insurance premium?

You can pay the premium by cash or by the bank transfer According to the payment schedule specified in the policy.

What should the insured do in case of insurance?

Don’t move the damaged object.
Call to our hotline from the scene: +995 32 2 24 44 54
Call to the police.

How is reimbursed the accident happens while travelling?

The insured or his accompanying person should contact us on the hotline within 24 hours of the accident.

The insured must present all the documents confirming the medical procedures performed. The list of documents to be submitted and the deadlines are stated in the insurance policy.

What is the object of cargo insurance?

The object of insurance is any kind of cargo, which is carried by different types of transport: land, sea, air. The territory may be defined both domestically and internationally.

What is the object of property insurance?

Buildings, cottages, flat, house, offices ,warehouse and storage , product – goods – supplies, furniture – inventory.

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