Summer offer of motorcycle insurance has launched

Insure your motorcycle in Kamara and you will be given 100 or 50 L. petrol as a gift. The offer applies to the premium quality petrol. yes

Taking into account of our customer's wishes, there operates 1 year insurance and also seasonal - 6 months insurance offer in Kamara.

We consider your wishes1

Kamara - for quiet future!

T - 032 224 44 54


Premium salon of motorcycles became our new partner

Premium salon of motorcycles "Rushmore Motorcycle Georgia" LLC became our new partner.

From this day, the motorcycle which is insured by "Kamara" and is sold by "Rushmore Georgia" will be evaluated and repaired in "Rushmore"'s wotkshop.

"Rushmore" will also provide our other sustomers with premium service.

Let us remind you that you can insure your motorcycle annually or seasonally - 6 month insurance.

For details, please visit our office or call: +995 32 224 44 54


Kamara has involved in the campaign to rebuild Borjomi forest

Insurance company "Kamara" has involved in the campaign - "Aghadgine".

Participation in the restoration of Borjomi forest can be done by simply passing the maculage!

Within the joint the campaign of "Pasha Bank", "BIA" and "Tissuepaper" we will take part in the rehabilitation of Borjomi forest burned during the 2008 war.  We do not dump the paper and give it to ,,Tissuepapers'' to process. Instead of the each kilogram of maculage, that company will transfer Gel 0.15 to the account of ,,Aghadgine". This amount of money is used to restore the burnt forest in Borjomi.

In 2008, the fire in Borjomi forest covered 950 hectares of coniferous and deciduous trees which has high ecological value. There destroyed about 250 hectarest of forest. The ecological environment is even harder years later and natural restoration of damaged area is not possible. As a result, There is a sharp deterioration of air quality that threatens human health. Studies have found that after the fires, the natural recovery of the territories is impossible and there is necessity of human rehabilitation.



Sigortalılarımıza Sonbahar Hediyesi

"Kamara" has launced the aufumn special offer.

The offer takes place on a full insurance package - "Premium".

In case of vehicle insurance the customer receives  GEL 100, 150 or 200 gift in the store he/she will prefer.

Within the autumn offer our parters are: LUTECIA - parfume, LUKOIL  - petrol and AMBOLI - automobile accessories.

Gift card received as a result of vehicle insurance can be presented to the store you choose and get the desired product.

If you choose the petrol as a gift , you will get a "premium Avangard" from "Lukoil".

Also, the insured will receive a cash prize:

  • computer diagnostics of the vehicle.

And will benefit from all the advantages that offers the premium package "premium".

Insurance Risks:

  • Motor Accident
  • Theft, Robbery, Burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Fire, Explosion, Lightning
  • Natural Disasters

Additional cover:

  • Over speeding
  • Crossing the solid line
  • passing the prrohibited traffic light

24 hours assistance:

  • start engine
  • fuel delivery
  • tire replacement
  • Evacuator service for free in insurance case


For the detailed information please contact:

Hot line: 224 44 54

A friend advised him to cooperate with Kamara  About 1 year ago

A friend advised him to cooperate with Kamara  About 1 year ago.

Today, his company's motorcycles are insured by Kamara.

Get to know Willem van Houten, he has a successful business in Georgia and, as he says, he is happy as the bussiness is "going on."

" since two years we started renting motorcycles and doing motorcycle tours, mostly for tourists. The tourists are loving to discover Georgia by motorcycle... "

Wilem says that it is pleasant to communicate with "Kamara", while the relationship to his private sales manager is comfortable for him.

We wish success to his company and give him thank for cooperation.


KAMARA has launched the motorcycle seasonal insurance

Insurance company "KAMARA" gave the motorcycle insurance offer 1 year ago. That offer caused the great interest of the bikers and not only theirs.

KAMARA always cares to improve the confitions of the insurance and considers the issues that are relevant to the user.

According to that fact, KAMARA has launched the new offer - the seasonal motorcycle insurance.

Now the customer can insure his motorcycle for 6 months.

The proposal provides that motorcycling use depends on the change of the weather.

And now, the insured has the option to purchase the seasonal insurance, when there is the good time of the year for motorcycling. 

For the detail information please call: 224 44 54

KAMARA has launched the new year special offer

  Special New year offer for casco insurance  

 Only in the New Year days

 Insure your automobile with the lowest price and get the additional services for the whole year.

 All insurance risks ( national disasters too)


 Without the defining of the drive experience.

  Unlimited number of authorized drivers.

 The gift:

 Elecronic diagnostic twice a year.

 evacuator service in the non insurance case.

 24/7 auto assistance: Tire exchange, start engine, fuel delivery.

 That is the offer that is customized to your needs and budget.

And what is the most important, we dont delay the compensation!


 Merry christmas and happy new year! 

KAMARA offers the new product

Insurance Company "KAMARA" has launched the new auto casco product - "UNIVERSAL''

That is the offer which is customized on demand of insured and what is the most important, on demand of their biujet.

Each individual person who has the policy - "UNIVERSAL"  will get the various benefits:

All risk insurance 

yes Electronic diagnostic of automobile for free.

yes Evacuator service for free in noninsurance case

yes 24 hours assistance (start engine, fuel delivery, tire replacement)

yes Unlimited number of authorized drivers


The insurers have been able to use the computer diagnostics for free

Insurance Company "KAMARA" offers one more benefit to its auto insurers.

From today, each individual insurer will receive the automobile's computer diagnostics for present.

You can use the service in the provider service center twice a year.

The insurer have to call to the KAMARA's hotline: 224 44 54

and make a notice about using that additional service. After that you can check your automobile.



Insurance company “Kamara’’ offers one more additional service

Insurance company “Kamara” always tries to improve the product quality and provide customers with the interesting and enviable offers.

And now, “Kamara” has launched one more additional benefit for individual persons while insuring the car.

The insured will get the free service of evacuator twice a year in the non-insurance case.

You can refer to the sales manager by web page or call:

HOTLINE: +995 32 224 44 54

Insurance Company ,, Kamara ” has launched the Auto insurance summer campaign

 All those, who insure a car in Insurance Company Kamara from June 20 until July 21 , will get th 2 person Turkey trip, in Istanbul.

two-day Travel package  includes a full service: air tickets, transfers, hotel accommodation and breakfast.

A person will get the travel package if his/her car  is costs 10 000 $ or more.

KAMARA - Your Quiet Future!

Insurance Company ,, Kamara ” has launched the motorcycle insurance

he unprecedented offer in the Georgian insurance space!

Can not you buy a motorcycle on credit, because you need insurance for that?

Was your motorcycle damaged in unclear circumstances?

For the first time in Georgia !

You can insure your motorcycle only in insurance company  ,, Kamara ” and, also, get a benefit:

10% discount at the store / service “Bikeland”. The discount is valid during the insurance period and extends motorcycle parts and equipment, as well as services.

For more information, please call: 995 32 224 44 54

Insure your motorcycle in  Insurance Company  “Kamara “- For your peaceful future!

J.S.C ’’Insurance Company Kamara’’ has changed its address of Head Office

J.S.C ’’International Insurance Company kamara’’ has moved to the new address.


The new working space is customized on productive work of employees and, what is most important – provides uninterrupted customer service.


To conclude the insurance cotracts and policies

Please visit us at that address:

N4, A. Kalandadze str.
Tbilisi, Georgia, 0160

Or call: +995 32 224 44 34

HOTLINE+995 32 224 44 54

Our goal is to make our customers feel maximum comfort with us, providing high quality service, flexible procedurs and the individual insurance products for the each beneficiaries.